Hello and welcome to wordworks by jamie. I’m Jamie, and above all else, I am a word-worker.

Words are simply what I do, whether in English or Korean. I even write creatively (novels and short stories) in my free time, and I have a B.A. from the University of Michigan, where I double-majored in Korean Studies and International Studies with a concentration in Comparative Culture and Identity.

I have extensive experience with writing, editing, and proofreading content for others, whether it’s CVs, cover letters, recommendation letters, job or university applications, and even scholarship essays. I’ve written and edited for high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, C-level professionals, and more. Every single client that I have helped has received their desired acceptance to a specific program or opportunity.

In translation, one of the ongoing projects closest to my heart is the popular ‘Humans of Seoul’ site. Humans of Seoul is a bilingual photojournalism project created by roughly two dozen photographers, interviewers, and translators. Not only have I translated for Humans of Seoul for the past three years, but I’ve also spent the past year as its English Edition Editor, leading our team of nine translators and ensuring the quality and consistency of our translations.

Additionally, I am a contributor to various translation and localization projects for different NGOs as well as the e-literary magazine for contemporary Korean literature, Nabillera. My passion for language and culture fuels my skills, and my skills in writing and translation are demonstrated by six years of curating language and culture content at my blog, seouldream.

But when I work with you on your words, I won’t just put my own on the page – I believe in helping you find and express your genuine and authentic voice. That’s where the magic happens.


jamie v. forgacs

Headshot of a white woman with light red-brown hair, wearing a black sweater and a silver necklace with a circular design


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